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We know what it's like. You're tired, frazzled and feeling guilty because you just ate a box of Celebrations instead of starting Couchto5K like you planned. Or maybe you forced yourself to do the exercise because you feel you 'should' or because you hate your body. But it just makes you miserable and you never really feel any happier with your body image.


The thing is, improving your physique can improve your physical and mental health, but it can also have the opposite effect too. Being healthy is a much more complex state than simply having a 6-pack.

As life becomes more stressful, and our health is under attack from long hours of work, poor nutrition and environmental toxins, it's important we take our wellbeing into own hands and look after our bodies in a holistic way.

That's why we developed InsideOut Wellbeing.


We're here to help you make simple changes to your mindset, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition that will significantly impact your wellbeing and leave you feeling happier and healthier - InsideOut!

So, whether your goal is to lose weight, tone muscles, reduce chronic pain, re-energise, build your immunity, develop body confidence, or just sleep better, we can give you the tools, techniques and support you need to change your health mindset and create a healthier you!

Read on to find out more and register your interest.



The mind is an incredible thing. It has the power to block our potential or allow us to soar to possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. It creates our reality.


This program will enable you to identify and reframe the negative self-talk and thought patterns that are holding you back from achieving your wellbeing goals.


You will learn strategies to rewire your mindset, manage stress and anxiety, as well as building positive habits that will boost your wellbeing.


Your body is your most valuable tool. It requires care and attention, but so often we take it for granted and then feel betrayed when something goes wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to a long life is not how much you exercise, but how much you move.


By following our advice, we can help you; improve your sleep; identify exercises you enjoy that work within your routine; learn the importance of recovery and learn how strength training improves brain health.


By the end of this program you will feel fitter, healthier and understand how small changes to nutrition and activity really add up to a big difference over time.



Meaning or purpose is one of the key principles of wellbeing identified by positive psychology.


For some, that might be religion; for others their family or work, or simply getting out into nature.


Whatever it is for you, the goal is to nourish your soul and improve your level of happiness.

Using research-based positive psychology and coaching psychology strategies, you will uncover what truly matters to you and explore activities that help you feel more connected, centred and peaceful. 


This program has been carefully designed by Tamara Judge, a qualified Positive Psychology Coach (MAPPCP); and George Archer, a Personal trainer and Fitness Coach, to provide you with an engaging, effective, high-end package that can positively transform your life. 

The six-week course focuses on 4 key areas;

  • Mind: Positive Psychology Coaching for mental health and wellbeing

  • Body - Nutrition: Eating for better health and wellbeing

  • Body - Physical Fitness: Fun exercises to improve strength, cardio and flexibility*

  • Soul: Finding meaning and connectedness in your life

*Please note all cardio and strength sessions are adapted for:

  • Beginner - Not ever exercised/not exercised for a while/prefer gentle exercise

  • Intermediate - Exercised before but could do more

  • Advanced - Regular exercise routine/gym goer

Each week you will get:

  • A printable workbook containing articles, guidance and activities for each key area including;

    • Positive psychology for mindset and wellbeing coaching article and activity

    • Information about how nutrition impacts wellbeing and suggested simple swaps for better health

    • A detailed fitness plan for cardio, strength training and flexibility with photos and progress tracker

    • Positive psychology for connectedness and your soul article and activity

  • A 1.5hr online group wellbeing class and mindset coaching session with Tamara (worth £95)

  • A 1hr live, online guided fitness session with George (worth £45)

  • Access to our pop-up Facebook Support Group 

  • A 1hr online drop-in session where George and Tamara will be available to answer any specific questions or offer personal advice or guidance (worth over £100).


How much will I need to invest?

As you can see you get a huge amount for your money! The package is actually worth over £1560!

But, we know that 2020's been a tough year for everyone, so we are offering the full 6 week InsideOut Wellbeing program at a massively discounted rate of only £495!  

This will allow you create the healthy, positive 2021 you deserve!



How many spaces are there?

Because the program is focused on achieving realistic and sustainable personal results, the group size needs to be kept to a maximum of 12 participants. So make sure you register for updates and sign up quickly so you aren't disappointed!


We can't wait to start this exciting journey of transformation to a fitter, healthier and happier you. 

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know when the doors open for registration.