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Young People Wellbeing Coaching

Helping people aged 10-18 build confidence, reduce anxiety & be happy

  • 45 minutes

Service Description

Positive Psychology Coaching is an excellent method of encouraging children and teenagers to overcome barriers and reach their full potential. Young people often feel overwhelmed by parental, academic, social and peer demands and benefit from guidance and support as they learn to find balance and embrace their individuality. I can help children and teenagers develop confidence and resilience, learn strategies that will support their mental health and wellbeing and guide them to create a plan for their future so they can grow into successful, authentic adults. Build Discover your unique personal strengths, build your confidence, and improve the way you respond to stress or life changes by learning strategies to reduce anxiety, develop your resilience and character, improve your motivation and listening skills and expand your mind-set. Understand Understand the connections between how you think, act and feel; develop a positive attitude to new challenges, change and failure; challenge negative thoughts and beliefs and make constructive changes to your life by learning about your emotions and how to communicate and self-regulate them; how to understand your inner critic, as well as strategies to develop resilience and to find the strength to take responsibility for your own happiness and success. Ignite Explore your ambitions, goals and dreams, and cultivate a passion for life by embracing your personal strengths and differences, engaging your curiosity, creativity and unique perspective to create a meaningful and joyful life. Connect Reflect on the significant connections and relationships in your life, understand the joy and challenges they can bring and develop more confidence in social interactions with close friends, peer groups and adults by learning how to think before you speak; how to stand up for yourself; how to be a supportive, caring friend and also judge whether others are being kind and supportive friends in return; as well as improving your ability to work with others as part of a team.

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