Set Intentions;
Not Resolutions

When you (inevitably) break a New Year's Resolution how do you feel? Angry? Disappointed? Or like you've let yourself down; you've failed, right?

What if I told you there was another way to create positive change in your life? 

One where you can set a clear, achievable intention for the year ahead, instead of a futile resolution...

Sound pretty good?


Coaching For Positive Change

I often use this 4-part strategy with my coaching clients at this time of year to help them reflect on the year they have just had and put events into perspective; to ensure they are acting from their heart and living in alignment with their values; to clarify and name their hopes and dreams for the coming year; and set an intention to bring them alive.

This year, I feel like more people than ever need a positive start to 2022, so instead of just working 1:1 with my clients, I wanted to open this process up to more people. 

So I am offering three dates on which I am running a group 'Set Intentions; Not Resolutions' online coaching workshop where I will support you to;

  • Review 2021 and identify your achievements and areas you could choose to work on;

  • Design realistic goals that feel aligned with who you are and what you want out of your life;

  • Choose a word of the year to help you stay on track and set your overall intention for 2022

  • Create a simple action plan to help you achieve your goals and make 2022 a better year.

What We Will Cover

The Details


  • 1-1.5Hr online group workshop

  • Downloadable printable and typeable workbook


  • 7:30pm, 21/12/2021

  • 7:30pm, 29/12/2021

  • 7:30pm, 06/01/2022


  • Just £22 per person, payable in advance

(This works out at only 42p per week for 2022, definitely a reasonable investment...and you're worth it; aren't you?)

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