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Time To Thrive

My unique approach combines high-impact evidence-based coaching and mentoring methods with proven positive psychology interventions to equip you with the tools you need to embrace a positive mindset, build confidence, master your wellbeing, thrive in your career and relationships, and create a purpose-driven life despite the daily challenges posed by chronic health conditions and pain.

The program is built around four blocks of three sessions; Block 1 - Time to Reflect, Block 2 - Time to Think, Block 3 - Time to Connect, and Block 4 - Time to Believe. Each session combines an element of mentoring to introduce key skills and strategies, along with a solution-focused coaching approach to help you explore your personal situation and set purposeful goals and actions to support your specific needs. Read on to find out more. 


Block 01

Time to Reflect

Experience the space to reflect on what is going on in your life right now, the challenges you are encountering and what changes you would like to see. Explore your core values, habits and lifestyle and learn effective skills for time management and boundary setting. Understand the mind-body connection and start to implement proven strategies - such as breathwork and mindfulness - to help you regulate your emotions and find peace.

Block 02

Time to Think

Increase self-awareness, understanding and self-acceptance by learning about the connection between your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how to leverage your personal strengths. Identify the thought traps that keep you stuck and embed proven strategies to help shift your mindset for greater resilience, self-belief and positive self-talk.


Block 03

Time to Connect

Explore your relationships and social support network to identify the people who energise and drain you, and how you can develop more impactful connections. Flourish in your career and balance your personal and professional needs by finding meaning and purpose in your professional life, leveraging strengths and values in work-related decisions and learning strategies for navigating career challenges.

Block 04

Time to Believe

Develop strategies for advocating for yourself during medical appointments in order to build a partnership with healthcare providers for better health outcomes. Create a life of purpose by setting and pursuing meaningful goals, together with the skills to stay motivated and overcome obstacles. Rediscover your passions and interests and develop an action plan to pursue a specific goal that aligns with your personal values and takes you closer to a thriving life.

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Book an Appointment

Don't let your health challenges define you. Embrace a life filled with possibility and fulfilment. Start your journey to thriving today. Book a free consultation with me today and let's make your limitless future a reality!

You can expect:

Shared perspective
Expert guidance
Holistic approach
Personalised strategies
Long-term partnership

Benefit from my first hand experience of living with arthritis and chronic pain for 18 years, ensuring a deep understanding of your challenges and aspirations. Leverage my expertise in positive psychology and coaching / mentoring techniques to cultivate resilience, confidence, and a positive mindset. Receive comprehensive support that addresses the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of your condition, allowing you to thrive in all areas of your life. Enjoy a supportive and collaborative coaching relationship, where we work together to create sustainable and lasting changes in your wellbeing and mindset.

I recognise that your journey is unique, and I tailor my wellbeing support to align with your specific needs, goals, and aspirations. With that in mind, sessions can be flexible to manage any arising issues and so may not occur in order. Equally, some people may need more than 12 sessions to create sustainable change, and there are opportunities to add additional sessions.

Don't let your chronic illness define your future. Choose me as your trusted partner in your journey towards flourishing and living a full life with your condition. Contact Keystone Coaching today to embark on a transformative path of resilience, wellbeing, and fulfilment. Together, we'll conquer chronic illness and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Book your free discovery call today.

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