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Coaching For Young People

Like all loving parents you want the best for your child(ren). For them to be healthy, safe, treated fairly and understood; to be liked and loved; to be confident  and believe in themselves; to be happy.

With all the sudden and unexpected changes they've been through over the past two years, it isn't surprising that resilience and wellbeing in young people is low. They haven't yet had time to acquire the life skills they need to weather the emotional storm of life and bounce back from challenges.

Skills such as self-esteem, positive mindset, patience, compassion, flexibility, inner-strength and self-belief.

My positive psychology program 'Resilient Me!' can help young people build a strong mental foundation that will help them navigate the trials and tribulations of growing up, and help them build positive wellbeing habits that will continue to support them into adulthood.

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Resilient Me!

My 10 week program is designed to help people aged 10 -15 build resilience, boost wellbeing and create positive relationships, so they can feel more self-confident and able to cope with life’s ups and downs; without feeling like they have to change who they are.

The 45min sessions comprise both teaching and coaching elements focused on specific topics that build mental resilience, self-esteem, wellbeing, courage and a positive mindset.

To see if your child would benefit from this fantastic, resilience building program, and to find out more, book a free discovery call below.