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1:1 Coaching For Professionals

I offer 1:1 executive, professional and personal coaching sessions to help you improve your performance; create a more positive mindset and build wellbeing; reduce stress, anxiety and avoid burnout; and build positive leadership and management skills. 


Throughout my 15 years' coaching I have helped entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and other professionals build personal skills and achieve goals concerning a wide variety of subjects. These include developing transformational positive leadership and people management skills, improving performance at work, identifying future career direction, increasing confidence and self-esteem, managing stress and overcoming anxiety, improving wellbeing at work, and building motivation, engagement and accountability.

I believe what sets me apart from other people is my masters level expertise in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, which allows me to draw on a wide range of scientifically proven, high impact coaching practices to secure and deliver results.

I love connecting with people who are ready to take their professional and personal development to the next level and improve wellbeing as well as performance, so scroll down to view my coaching services and please feel welcome to get in touch. You can book your free 20min discovery session by clicking the link below.