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Find balance
Spark optimism
Strengthen resilience
Unleash potential

Professional & Executive Coaching

Empowering Professionals to Thrive

Coaching is your personalised pathway to unlocking your true potential. As an accredited coach and expert in positive psychology, I'm dedicated to helping working professionals like you achieve exceptional results.


Through tailored coaching sessions, we'll focus on enhancing your performance, nurturing effective leadership skills, and fostering your overall wellbeing.


Coaching empowers you to break through limitations, develop a growth mindset, and find the balance you need to excel both personally and professionally. It's a journey of self-discovery and transformation, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


Let's work together to turn your goals into reality and embark on a path toward lasting success and fulfilment. Book a free consultation with me today.

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Just imagine if you could...

  • have more time and energy

  • know what you want

  • have better life balance

  • feel more in control of your life...

Download my free guide today and find out how!

Want to Know More About Coaching?

Book a Discovery Consultation Today

If you haven't had coaching before, click the button below for an overview of what to look for in a coach and find out a bit more about what to expect, or book a free call using the box above. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about my coaching practice and programs.

A coach is someone who helps you see what you can't see, listen to what you don't want to hear, and be stronger than you ever thought possible.

So that you can be who you've always
known you could be. 

What My Clients Say

Katrina Gingell, U.K.

“Tamara makes you feel comfortable from the beginning, which allows you to go deep into what you want and where you want to go."

Rachel*, U.K.

"If you are wavering on signing up, do NOT, Keystone Coaching is the best money spent! I cannot recommend Tamara enough.."

Tina Hopewell, France

"The value for money that I have received after only 2 sessions, is incredible! I already feel a greater awareness of my interactions and responses to others, as well as the stories that I tell myself." 

Sally*, U.K.

“The first session alone has shaped Q1 of 2022 and in Q2, I am now going back to my 'Big Picture' to see what I have achieved and what opportunities I want to create for the second quarter of the year."

Phoebe Jones, U.K.

"Because of the sessions I was able to leave a job I was unhappy in and start to hear my inner cheerleader instead of always hearing my inner critic."

Phillipa*, U.K.

"I found it inspiring talking to Tamara. It makes me think of all sorts of things that I don't usually have the time to think about. I am much nicer to myself now." 
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