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Boost Your Career Confidence!

In Only 4 Months!

‘Get Career Confident’ is a 4 month bespoke coaching program designed to help you overcome self-doubt, anxiety and other negative thought patterns that may be holding you back at work.


Our sessions will empower you to speak up more at work, communicate clearly, overcome imposter syndrome and to stop wasting your time worrying and over-analysing situations so you can take more responsibility and move forward in your career.

Do you have ‘Good Girl’ conditioning?

Do you live your work-life in the shadow of others, worrying about upsetting them, saying the wrong thing, or accidentally offending someone? Maybe you avoid conflict or difficult conversations and find it easier to just keep your head down and stay quiet?

If the answer to any of these things is yes, you may be suffering from low confidence and ‘Good Girl’ social conditioning.

If so, you probably already recognise that this can really hold you back from recognition, promotion and reward for your hard work and expertise.

That’s why I created this coaching program especially designed to support you to get rid of self-doubt and build healthy career confidence whilst still feeling like you!

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What results can you expect?

Sign up to my 'Get Career Confident' coaching package and I will teach you the psychology secrets and techniques you need to help you be more assertive, learn to trust your judgement and be confident in your decisions, handle difficult conversations with more ease, put yourself forward for promotions and make more money; and put yourself and your family first and create healthy boundaries between work and home.

Invest In Yourself: Transform Your Life

Confidence is subjective and the time it takes to achieve results will be different for everyone. However, I’m very results-focused, which means when you work with me, we agree measurable personal goals and work to achieve them through a structured coaching program, including cognitive behavioural coaching strategies and techniques to overcome negative thinking and behaviours.

The program is tailored to your specific needs and follows my 5- step process to ‘Improve Self-awareness’, ‘Create Self-belief’, ‘Build Self-esteem’, 'Communicate Confidently' and 'Get Visible!'

Rather than booking a few sessions here and there and getting mediocre results, my programs enable you to invest in yourself and get amazing and sustainable results that will transform your life.

By regularly showing up, doing the work and implementing what you learn about yourself, I guarantee your confidence will grow and you will feel more capable to achieve the goals you set yourself.

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Music = Life

If you're looking for a coach, look no further than Tamara. I have never cried, laughed and felt more clear on my goals than when working with her. Her coaching process is such an enlightening experience that it feels like one continuous "Ah ha!" moment that you never want to stop.


Tamara makes you feel comfortable from the beginning, which allows you to go deep into what you want and where you want to go. 

I cannot recommend her enough, and even as I write this I am excited for you to experience coaching by Tamara. 

Katrina Gingell, Teacher and Department Leader

Let Me Tell You What's Included

Initial 2hr consult to get to know you and your needs


1 hour 1:1 session every 2 weeks, totalling 8 sessions


Email support within Mon-Fri work hours


Summary and actions after each session

Plus These Free Bonuses Worth Over £900!

Future Steps Action Plan to ensure ongoing success

- worth £80

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30 minute phone call every 2 weeks (alternating with 1:1 sessions) 

- worth £400


30+ page High Quality Workbook to help you stick to your goals - worth £100


Personal Strengths Assessment & Analysis

- worth £120


How To Deal With Failure Guide to help you bounce back faster!

- worth £80


Imposter Syndrome Worksheet to help  overcome self-doubt

- worth £80


30min Follow Up Session one month later to check progress - worth £60

Why Should You Care About Confidence?
Confidence Predicts Success

Confidence is an important predictor of success in all areas of life. Scientific studies have shown that healthy confidence and self-esteem at work can lead to improvements in performance, communication and leadership.

Boosting your confidence can help you:

  • improve concentration

  • show a greater commitment to tasks

  • increase your energy and motivation

  • have a greater sense of autonomy

  • communicate clearly and effectively

  • better influence and persuade others

  • run meetings effectively and confidently,

  • demonstrate more leadership presence

  • delegate more effectively

In fact, confidence is very important in leadership. Leadership requires confident decision-making, bold but measured risk-taking, strong commitment and resilience: three things that those with low self-confidence generally find lacking.

At a practical level, improving your confidence has been shown to lead to more frequent promotions and higher positions, higher pay and more frequent pay rises, so why wait?

This could really change your life!

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Do You Want To Feel More Confident At Work?
 Here's The Investment

It's so easy to sign up! Just click the button below to pay and I'll contact you to arrange your initial consultation!


Just click the button below to set up your payments and I'll contact you to arrange your initial consultation!

Get C Conf Payment
My Guarantee

I’m so confident in my ability to help you create positive change, that if, up to 30 days into the program it isn’t working out for you, for whatever reasons, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Let Me Be Your Guide And Be There To Support You Every Step Of  The Way
Hi, I'm Tamara,

If we haven’t met yet let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m a Positive Psychology consultant and coach specialising in helping my clients build confidence, find meaning and create wellbeing.


An unexpected chronic health diagnosis in my mid-20’s, caused a huge blow to my self-esteem, confidence and sense of identity. After 6 months off work, I returned to my job, but I felt self-conscious, useless, anxious, depressed, and had lost all confidence in my abilities.

Through extensive personal work on mindset and behaviour, and support and encouragement from my partner, family and boss, I gradually rebuilt my confidence, and my self-belief grew from strength to strength.   

I became successful in my career, moved into a leadership role and coached and mentored dozens of people through their qualifications and helped them get ahead at work.

Recently, I completed a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and started my own business. Something I never would have dreamed of doing before!

I want to share the secrets of my success and teach you reliable evidence-based techniques to help you rapidly develop the confidence you need to thrive and be successful both in your personal life and at work.     

Olive Tree Wellbeing_edited.jpg

I had Tamara help me with the start up of my business at the beginning of the year, and I found coaching a great way to keep me focused and on the right track.

During our sessions Tamara was extremely supportive, encouraging and gave me the confidence to achieve my goals.

Kelly White, Olive Tree Wellbeing

Wondering If  This Is For You?
And Why NOW Is The Time?

Research tells us confidence is key to success in all areas of life, but especially at work and I couldn’t end without sharing with you the unknown secret cost of low confidence.

Low confidence at work can stall your career progression. You may avoid risks and responsibility because you fear you may not be up to the task, which can leave you constantly engulfed in anxiety and stress.


But aiming to stay within your comfort zone by rejecting challenging assignments means that you miss opportunities that encourage personal and professional growth.


This may also damage your reputation and mean you are passed over for promotions and projects which ultimately affects your career development and even your financial situation. Studies show that those who are confident at work make approximately $28,000 more per year than those who lack confidence. Quite simply, low confidence costs you money!

More generally, long-term low confidence or self-esteem can lead to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, and harmful coping behaviours such as increased drinking or smoking.

It's time to invest in yourself, invest in your future and become a more confident you!

You Know You Can Do This - Let Me Help You

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