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Resilient Businesses

Research tells us that a mentally resilient, healthy and happy workforce results in more engaged, productive & creative people; fewer sick days taken; and better employee retention and organisational performance. So investing in the wellbeing of your team is good business sense, but knowing where to start can be daunting.

That's where Keystone Coaching can help. We provide a range of evidence-based services designed to help organisations; create a more positive workplace culture and manage change; build psychological safety & trust within teams; develop compassionate and effective leaders & managers; and improve employee wellbeing & performance.

Grounded in cutting-edge scientific research in positive psychology & coaching psychology, our training, consultation and executive coaching services cover the following core areas to help your organisation thrive:

  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Supporting Mental Wellbeing & Building Resilience

  • Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills

  • Promoting A Positive Workplace Culture Using Positive Psychology

  • Mindfulness to Boost Performance

  • Mastering Strengths and Goal Setting

Find out more below and book a discovery call to discuss how we can help you and your organisation.

Our Services

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate leaders inspire loyalty, engagement & job satisfaction; improving performance & innovation, and reducing burnout & staff turnover.

This workshop will help you to build key skills to become a more compassionate leader and transform your business. 

Promoting A Positive Workplace Culture

Positive psychology asks, 'what's working well and how can we do more of it?' in order to encourage positive behaviours. This workshop suggests simple strategies organisations can implement that have been proven to support a positive, psychologically safe workplace culture.   

Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills

The ability to stay calm under pressure or in stressful situations is a key skill in communication and leadership.

 This workshop will teach you strategies to recognise and regulate your emotions; listen with respect and empathy; and communicate clearly and confidently.

Mastering Strengths & Goal Setting

Research tells us that unlocking and leveraging your core strengths greatly increases satisfaction & goal attainment.

This workshop explores different types of goals, how to use your strengths to be more strategic and how to overcome limiting beliefs to achieve success. 

Mental Wellbeing & Building Resilience

Learn practical strategies to manage daily stress/anxiety so you can think more clearly and feel greater self-control. 

You will explore how you can build personal resilience so you can cope with life's ups and downs and recognise when you need to take action. 

Mindfulness To Boost Performance

Research shows that mindfulness can maximise performance; improving focus, creativity, decision making, communication and reducing burnout. 

This science-focused 'woo'-free workshop offers practical strategies to make mindfulness work for you.

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

According to the organisation, Great Place To Work, the companies listed on their '100 Best Companies To Work For 2022' list experience:

  • Half the staff turnover of their peers.

  • Employees who are six times more likely to recommend their employer to others.

  • Eighty percent of their employees look forward to coming to work and feel psychologically and emotionally healthy.

  • Ninety percent of employees say their company is a great place to work and feel cared for. 

The majority of the companies on this list recognise that their employees want, and deserve, more from them. They understand and respect their people have lives outside of work as individuals, families and communities, and take steps to support them holistically. They show genuine care, empathy and compassion, and demonstrate that they listen and value their teams. They promote a sense of belonging and work hard to foster a culture of positivity, inclusivity and purpose.

To achieve this success, organisations have made a commitment to build a positive and healthy work environment that is enjoyable, productive, and engaging. This involves integrating key positive psychology practices in the workplace to help people thrive and perform at their best.


Our core services are underpinned by positive psychology research and draw on a range of approaches including strengths, autonomy, compassionate leadership, self-determination theory, PERMA (Positive emotions, Engagement, positive Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment) theory, growth mindset, empathy building, wellbeing, resilience, optimism & hope, gratitude, kindness, self-esteem and mindfulness.

We also offer executive coaching services to support organisations to fully embed these strategies in daily practices, develop effective leaders & managers, and encourage reflective, forward thinking employees.

Executive Coaching

The ripple effect of leadership can be positive or negative. As one CIPD report states, 'Now, more than ever, we need leaders who are not afraid to show compassion, who consciously role-model healthy working practices and foster an environment where people feel safe to speak about health issues and seek help.'


Leaders and managers play a pivotal role in organisations and have a strong influence over culture, belonging, engagement, psychological safety and performance. This requires a wide range of skills including listening and communication, coaching and mentoring, positive conflict management, emotional regulation and hope & optimism.

Our executive coaching packages offer confidential space to explore and develop these critical leadership and management skills as well as take action to look after wellbeing and prevent burnout.

We deliver 1:1, group and team executive coaching sessions to develop individual strengths and skills, foster positive relationships, improve engagement and performance, embed training and improve psychological wellbeing. Take a proactive approach to personal and professional development and engage a coach to work with your leadership and management team today. 

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Why Focus on Wellbeing at Work?

It has been widely reported that businesses globally are experiencing an increase in staff mental health and wellbeing issues, and employee engagement and productivity is at a worrying low; with only 14% of employees in Europe feeling engaged in 2022.


In the UK, employers are losing around £42 billion and 18 million working days due to employee stress, depression and anxiety, and the challenges brought by the pandemic only served to highlight the need for positive action around mental wellbeing at work.

In addition, how well organisations promote and support mental and physical wellbeing is increasingly important to employees. Recently many have been voting with their feet and seeking roles in organisations that actively promote wellbeing at work by offering flexible or condensed working hours, professional development coaching, gym membership, and the option to work from home. Some have even chosen to take a pay cut in order to experience a better quality of life and reduce work stress.

Research tells us that investing in employee wellbeing can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement, reduced sickness absence and higher performance and productivity. However, wellbeing initiatives often fall short of their potential because they stand alone, isolated from the everyday business. To gain real benefit, employee wellbeing priorities must be integrated throughout an organisation, embedded in its culture, leadership and people management.

We can help you improve employee wellbeing by building resilience, courage, self-esteem and a more positive mindset at all levels of the organisation, as well as exploring practical changes to encourage a better work-play relationship.


Get in touch to find out more.

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