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Positive Businesses

It has been widely reported that businesses globally are experiencing an increase in staff mental health and wellbeing issues, and employee engagement and productivity is at a worrying low. In the UK, employers are losing around £42 billion and 18 million working days due to employee stress, depression and anxiety.

Research tells us that a healthier, happier workforce results in more engaged, committed people; fewer sick days taken; and better employee retention, but knowing where to start can be daunting.

That's where Keystone Coaching can help. We provide the following services designed to improve employee mental health and wellbeing, create innovative and inspiring leaders and provide individual, group or team coaching to further embed these programs.


Optimal Mental Wellbeing

We can help you to review your current Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy and identify areas for development. We then deliver focused training workshops and webinars to increase knowledge about mental health and wellbeing, reduce the likelihood of burnout, develop psychological safety, explore strengths and build stronger relationships.

Positive Leadership

Our research-based sessions are designed to support leaders and managers to improve their self-awareness, understand the need for relational transparency and supportiveness, explore ethical behaviour and trustworthiness, develop balanced processing and communication, and to promote creativity and innovation to empower their teams. 

Coaching Consulting 

We deliver 1:1, group and team coaching sessions to embed training, improve psychological wellbeing, develop individual strengths and skills, foster positive relationships and improve engagement and performance.