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How To Slow Down When Your Life Feels Too Busy: Introducing Slow Living

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Is it Time for a Change of Pace?

As the weather improves, many of us rush around trying to fit more and more into our already hectic schedule and then wonder why we reach the summer holidays exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

This year, I am thinking of taking a different approach; and it's called slow living.

What is Slow Living?

Slow living is an increasingly popular antidote to the fast-pace of modern life. It started in Italy in the 1980s, as an effort to defend regional food traditions against the opening of a McDonald's in Rome. Since the start of the 'slow food movement', slow living has expanded with an increasing number of people recognising that faster isn't always better.

Slow living encourages a slower, more simple pace of life, reconnecting with ourselves, each other and the world around us. It isn't about being lazy or unproductive, it's about intentionally doing things at a slower pace to achieve a better, more satisfying outcome.

Practical Strategies for Slow Living

Here are some ideas I'm going to try to help me have a slower 2023:

Be more present

  • Ditch mobile phones for at least an hour a day.

  • Mindfully engage in the lead up to holidays.

  • Ignore social media pressure to have a 'perfect' life. Decide what is important to you and invest your time in doing that.

  • Go for some wild walks and see what you can find in nature.

  • Create an activity jar and ask everyone to put in a fun activity of their choice then take turns to pull an out an activity and then do it!

Create memories

  • Have a games night.

  • Create a home cinema PJs evening.

  • Reflect on what you really enjoyed doing in recent years and plan to do more of that

  • Organise a Family Challenge with a different round each day during holidays. Challenges could be as simple as quickest to put a single duvet cover on a duvet up to a general knowledge quiz. (My partner's family introduced me to this and I have loads of fun and amazing memories of my time taking part each Christmas!).

Minimise your environmental impact

  • Head to your local high street and shop local and independent if you can or try Etsy and help small business owners.

  • Ignore commercial pressure to give in to excessive consumption and avoid giving novelty birthday and celebration presents. Instead, gift small, handmade or pre-loved items, or try giving an experience.

I hope some of these activities for a slower 2023 appeal to you too. If you have any ideas that I could add to my list, please feel welcome to share by getting in touch!

If you find it tricky to make these kinds of changes, or stick to new habits, you will probably benefit from personal coaching. Not only does coaching help clarify what changes you want to make and how you can best make them, it also provides accountability and a space to reflect on the benefits that these changes will bring.

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