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📸 🤩 Bring Joy Into Focus 🤩 📸

Tuning our attention into experiences gives us the power to create more opportunities to appreciate positive emotions in daily life. Research shows providing our brains with daily doses of awe, curiosity, gratitude, joy and love can support growth, success and positive social connections in the average person. It can also prevent a downward spiral in those whose mental health is ‘languishing’ or who are at risk of mental health issues.

By seeking out momentary positive emotional experiences we actively cultivate emotions like joy, gratitude and wonder. Consequently, this broadens people’s cognitive and perceptual abilities by supporting creativity, intuition and resilient action in the moment. Furthermore, positive emotions provide opportunities to build personal resources, such as mindfulness, social intelligence and resilience.

Mindful Photography

One novel activity that can be used to achieve this is mindful photography combined with savouring. It can lead to boosts in positive mood and increased appreciation of one’s immediate physical environment and one’s life in general. Nearly everyone has a camera on their phone, so it is an easily accessible and time-friendly activity!

Here is the stunning sunrise from my house this morning! Beautiful.

🎯 So, here is your challenge for the next week:

  • Take at least one photo each day of something that elicits joy, happiness, a sense of peace, gratitude, etc.

  • Review the photo each evening using a savouring technique that involves using your senses to recreate the moment in your mind and reflect on the thoughts and feelings you had when taking the photo.

There are no guidelines about the subject of the photos. They could be a person, object, animal or your environment; whatever subject inspires joy in you.

Share the photo on our Facebook page and write down 3 emotions you felt when taking the photo. (By sharing them, not only do you increase the happiness of others, you will also be given the opportunity to view them with fresh eyes as other people comment on your images!)

So, join us and take the challenge. Think about what you could gain!

NB. Please ensure images are appropriate and comply with the Facebook Community Standards.

(Main photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels)

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