5 Tips To Stop Feeling Stuck And Find Your Purpose In Life


0 - How Satisfied Are You At Work?

1 - Identify Your Personal Core Values (And Live By Them!)

2 - Explore Your Character Strengths

3 - Identify Your Skills & Talents

4 - What Sparks Your Joy?

5 - What Does The World Need?

6 - Do What You Love

How Satisfied Are You At Work?

You might be one of the one in three teachers who plans to resign in the next few years. Or maybe you are one of the 40% of workers currently thinking about quitting your job. Either way, chances are you are a hardworking professional who is fed up of feeling overworked and underappreciated.

The challenging events of the past two years has prompted people to think about whether they are satisfied with their current employment.

Pandemic-driven burnout, challenging working conditions, low workplace wellbeing and increased isolation, have lowered engagement, while Covid-related fears about health have led to people pondering the meaning of life and asking themselves whether they really are living to work, or working to live.

Coupled with the new opportunities that have arisen from more widely employed remote working conditions, many more are starting to think outside the box and wonder: how do I find my purpose in life?

If you are fed up with your job and are wondering how to find your purpose and passion in life, here are my top tips:

5 Top Tips To Finding Your Purpose and Direction in Life

1 - Identify Your Personal Core Values (And Live By Them!)

What matters most to you in life?

Often, when people find themselves feeling disconnected at work or frustrated and fed up with their career, it is because of a mis-match between their personal values and the core elements of their job.

Even if you have no conscious idea about what your values are, you will still recognise the feeling you get when your work doesn't align with your values. It's often described as a feeling that something is missing or just doesn't feel right; it's when your work doesn't energise or excite you.

What Are Personal Core Values?

Your personal core values are part of the moral code that guides your actions and defines who you are. They are what you consider important and the things that matter to your well-being and happiness.

These values are a kind of universal rule of conduct, or shared morality. Depending on what we hold dear in our lives and what we want to achieve and become, we may choose to adopt or value some of these morals over others. For example, I value kindness and compassion over fame and fortune.

Here's an example list of 40 common Personal Core Values.

Your values are expressed through your actions, words, and personality. And, more importantly, they create and shape the person you will become in the future. In a nutshell, they are you - who you are and what you stand for, and the main driver behind your choices and actions.

How Do Core Values Impact Your Work?

If one of your core values is Respect, and you feel your profession or role is no longer valued or appreciated, then you will begin to feel disheartened or disillusioned. If this lack of respect continues then it can lessen your enjoyment of the role and leave you feeling unfulfilled and questioning whether it is worth continuing this role. (This example is one that I have noticed comes up frequently when I speak to teachers.)

Knowing your values can help you shape your future, by making career choices that allow you to meet your needs either through your work or personal life, and feel like you are working towards your purpose in life.

They can be the difference between engaging, enjoyable, fulfilling work, and work that leaves you drained, disconnected and dreading Mondays.

Wondering what your values are? Why not take the easy option and download my complete guide to Identifying Your Values