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The Secret To Improving Your Performance At Work? Get A Coach

When it comes to professional development there are many options; training, workshops, courses, mentoring and coaching. But which one should you choose?

As a coach and trainer, I may be slightly biased, but research has shown that there are literally hundreds of personal and professional benefits to coaching, including:

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges

  • Enhanced decision making skills

  • Improvement in productivity

  • Improved satisfaction with life and work

  • Attainment of relevant goals

  • Maximised personal and professional potential

And the numbers from the research by the International Coaching Federation into real-world benefits professional coaching gives a clear, positive picture. Here are six research-backed ways that professional coaching can improve your performance at work:

1. Improved Self-confidence

Four out of five people undertaking professional coaching reported improved self confidence.

High levels of self-belief, self-esteem and confidence can benefit many career-related elements such as work relationships, project success, influence and inspiration, creativity, courage, leadership skills and professional achievements.

2. Communication Skills & Relationships

73% described improved relationships and felt they had more effective communication skills as a result of coaching.

Understanding how to leverage your personal strengths, manage emotions and improve your listening and questioning skills can go a long way to presenting yourself positively and cementing constructive relationships at work.

3. Boundaries and Balance

Two out of three reported improved life/work balance - something that is becoming increasingly important for many professionals.

Understanding where your personal and professional values overlap, and the positive impact that feeling well can have on your performance, can help you set and maintain better boundaries, allowing you to work hard without sacrificing your wellbeing.

4. Improved Performance

70% of people experiencing regular professional coaching improved their performance at work.

Understanding and reflecting on your strengths, skills and experience allows you to lead more effectively and have a more positive impact at work. Both of which can increase your likelihood of gaining promotions, pay rises and bonuses.

5. Time Management

57% improved their time management.

Knowing how to stay focused, overcome procrastination and improve your personal organisation skills allows you to do more with less time.

Not only does this make you more effective at work, but you are also likely to have more time to spend on self-care and with your family and friends.

6. Regular Coaching For Development

Finally, 98% of professional coaching clients would repeat the experience and go on to book regular coaching with a coach they trust.

This allows them to continue their personal and professional development, stay focused and accountable, and live the balanced life that they want to maintain.

I have experienced many of these benefits myself through working with a coach, and I still undertake regular coaching and professional supervision now.

Personally, I have found that having regular dedicated time and space to talk about and reflect on your life can transform the way you think about problems, and open your mind to new possibilities and options. It is a highly proactive way of looking after yourself; mind, body and soul.

Put simply:

Coaching helps you be the person you want to be, do the work you dream of doing, and live the life you want to live.

If you are interested in finding out about the professional and executive coaching services I offer, please click the button below.


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