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Am I Responsible For Other People's Happiness?

You are not responsible for anyone else’s actions, thoughts or happiness.

I keep having to remind myself of this at the moment and tell myself that whilst I can give advice, I can’t make anyone do the work and I can’t hold myself accountable if they choose to ignore my advice.

Basically, I can’t keep feeling guilty for how other people feel, especially if they are taking no action to change their circumstances.

Every time I remind myself about this I feel a little lighter and a little freer. I am only responsible for myself, my actions, my feelings and my thoughts and there is something liberating about that.

So, whose actions, thoughts and happiness do you always take responsibility for?

Is there someone close to you who always makes you feel as though you need to keep them happy? Or maybe they blame you when they don't feel good and expect you to fix their perceived problem?

If so, then at best this is emotional manipulation, and at worst psychological abuse.

The simple truth is, that trying to keep other people happy is a fight you will never win!

Try closing your eyes and visualising the responsibility as a cloud in your chest. Take a deep breath in, breathing in peace and serenity, and then slowly breathe out imagining yourself breathing out that cloud of responsibility.

Repeat after me, 'I am only responsible for myself, my actions, my feelings and my thoughts.'


What negative thoughts do you need to free yourself from?

Book a free 30min discovery call through my website to find out how coaching can support you to free your mind, release the fear and guilt and start living a life with more ease and lightness of heart.


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